Lisa was tired of her golden locks and wanted a change...
Patty was ready to donate her hair to "locks of love". 
For those who do not
 know of this organization 
donated hair becomes wigs for  people fighting Cancer.
 ...What a beautiful gift!
We decided a beautiful shade of red would nicely compliment her skin tone. Cropping her hair to a shoulder length gave her a sassy new look which fits her personality.
Linda had been suffering from hair loss due to extreme stress.
With a fresh hair color and style change you would not even know.

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Clermont, FL 34711
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Hair Salon
Kathy had been wearing her hair dark and mono-toned. It was time to brighten it up.
Spiced it up with cinammon dimensions. We also add more layers to her classic bob for added texture 
Pam suffered with a lot of breakage in her hair leaving it very unmanageable.
Now it takes her less than 5 minutes. Easy peasy and very sassy!